Who Am I?

Kelvin Sulugwe is an Malawian author, entrepreneur, influencer and diplomat who was born and raised in Mchinji, Malawi. He is the founder Akometsi Group based in Malawi’s Capital City, Lilongwe.

Kelvin Sulugwe has authored two books, Life is a Journey and In Honest Ways, both of which are available on Digital Platforms including Amazon and Google Books.

In Honest Ways book was also made into audio books and is available for downloads on Malawi’s leading music and audio websites as well as streaming sites such as Spotify and iTunes.


About the Website

This is a website for everyone who loves good content. The aim is to get as many people as we can to appreciate the content and also share stories that should help people out there.
It’s there to encourage the reading culture and also as a platform for Authors to share their publications like we have already seen with few books that have been posted on the site. It’s for us all.
If you go on the website, you will find the following Pages:
The HOME, that’s the main page of the website and it is the first page you visit when you type the address straight into your address bar on any browser of your choice.
BOOKS is a page dedicated to different books on the website by me and all other authors who have submitted their work. There are some for free and some for sale, it is important to support these writers so they can be motivated to continue writing more.
MY FEATURES. This are a series of my articles which I write from time to time and I have been sharing links here. I have subtabs such as Motivation, Reviews, Entertainment and General features. There is so much you can enjoy from this section.
BY OTHER WRITERS. These are contributions that I am getting from different people who love to write but need a platform to share their thoughts. Different writers have submitted their work and I will continue to share content which is in line with the website values and these include categories on Creative, Reality and Poetry writing.
HOW IT STARTED. This is probably the most important section of the website specially made for you to share your experiences to motivate others. You can share about how you started your business, career, job, talent, school etc. Anything you think you should share to inspire someone, it’s most welcome and you don’t have to worry much about it, write however you can, I will dedicate some time to edit and perfect it.
ABOUT ME. This is a section which has certain google requirements such as Privacy Policy, how to reach out to Web Admins and a section about me.
Let me emphasize that website is not in any way a platform to beg, seek financial assistance or anything that calls for charity. It is about mind-set change, tackling situations head on and personal growth. Charity activities are very important, but this not a platform for such.
AWARDS. This is not a “page” on the website but something we will do in December where we will award writers and those who will participate on the website in Kelvin Sulugwe Awards. Briefly we will look at the following:
– Best Writer (Depending on contributions and number of views for the contributions)
– Best How It Started Article (The stories you will share will have impact on people and they will read them. The site automatically collects date for most read articles. We will nominate some of them and let people vote)
– Best Book
– Best Creative Article
– Best Commentator (People who will engage on the posts on the website. It is important to maintain one username, preferably, be logging in using your Facebook Profile. The site automatically counts comment and the User with more engaging comments will be the winner in this category)
I will personally dedicated K500, 000. That’s K100, 000 prize to each category. Going forward, I will also engage the corporate and the people I know to have a heart for Arts. The aim will be to have a minimum of K500, 000 for each category as prize.
We will also explore different assorted gifts for everyone who will have a positive impact for the content on the website. We will continue to win together.

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