What someone said about Piksy, I am shaking my head in agreement

If my memory serves me right, it was in 2011 in Blantyre at Pro Pee Records in Chirimba. I had gone to visit Percy Manyozo, like I used to do from time to time.

On this particular day, the studio was quiet, giving us an opportunity to spend most of the time we had discussing different issues relating to the music industry. That’s what I loved about visiting Pro Pee Records, it was a place of vision and insight.

One of the topics we covered was that of Piksy. Out of what we had seen before, I said to Percy that,

“Piksy has become bigger than I anticipated. He seems to be doing everything right, from representing Airtel well and carrying himself around with dignity, I hope he will continue to make hits.”

Percy looked at me and said, “Kelvin, if there is an artist who will stay in the game for a long time, it’s Piksy. Malawi has to make peace with this guy, he will not be running out of hits anytime soon,” he spoke while playing with his computer mouse, performing “refresh” continuously. Computers in those days relied heavily on this simple function.

Without making a further argument myself, I looked at him and asked him what he meant and how he would support his unfamiliar claim about Piksy.

He got up, went to sit on the bed that was adjacent to the computer desk and began to explain himself. You just had to love Pro Pee.

“Piksy has the voice, composition, creativity and hard work. I have worked with many people who easily get lost in the realm of fame. Piksy is different. I have no doubt that he will continue to give hit after hit, no matter how long it takes him, but he will always come up with something. Ali ndi pakamwa pabho, amatha” he said, I agreed. We talked more on other issues, but this issue came to my memory today.

Fast forward to this day, Piksy has been what Percy said he would be. There are times when you feel like he is gone and forgotten, then out of nowhere, you hear the streets singing along to his release.

Percy was right in all aspects about Mr Zangazanga. In all these years, you hardly hear of unfortunate scandals blacklisting his name from opportunities, no wonder, he arguably remains the artist who has received more NGO bookings in the last 10 years.

As a matter of facts, Piksy never runs out of ideas. He is equally performing well with Usauver Comedy series and continues to marinate his musical journey with relevance by feeding his fans the right content

Talking directly to Piksy, as someone who was there when it started, I am here on how its going and probably, will be there always, I say it’s Anana to have you among us. The future was scary when we imagined, but over the years, the harder we fell, the higher we rose, again and again and again.

You have demonstrated great love for the game and love for yourself. The reputation you have built says it all and you will continue to represent most of us who started from a zero point, worked our way up and continue to work extra hard for those we are paving a way for.

The song, Anana for ItsAnana deserves all the flowers it gets. I can’t wait for your album launch in Blantyre. Ndibwera ndi MOKO yonse.

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4 thoughts on “What someone said about Piksy, I am shaking my head in agreement

  1. Abdullah Msosa

    All we can say itsanana🙏🙏

  2. Sajid

    Adad a Izindie Zangazanga.. This is mine…

  3. Keith

    Angozo amatha

  4. Foster

    The way piksy has grown musically,he is a brand and a role model to many..i remember to the first song i listened “pamudzi” when he was in atumwi, we talking of years back but he is still relevant in the music industry right now ..may he get his flowers now..a living legend

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