Using the Betting Trick in our daily lives

In football betting, all you need to do is predict how the match will end including other events happening in the match such as number of goals, corner kicks, red/yellow cards etc. The most common one is a prediction on who will win.

The most important words in betting are Odds and Stakes. Odds are chances given to teams while stakes are how much you put into a bet.

Usually, teams that are likely to win have less odds while those which are likely to lose have higher odds. This simply means that if a team less likely to win ends up winning then you make a lot of money from it.

Betting companies understand that the mind of broke people always wants to make more money at one go while spending less. As such, you see people having a selection of more teams on their ticket and expecting to win millions. It does happen once in a while, but it’s a very rare case that can happen to 1 in 100 million people.

The small stakes that people put in and lose, of which they always lose is what makes betting companies rich. They collect that from different people and make one huge figure. It’s not the big stakes on a few odds that they want because those ones always have a chance to win and its usually their nightmare.

Simply put, you stand a better chance of putting in K100,000 just to win K30,000 than putting in K30,000 to win K100,000. The problem comes in trying to make more money at one go because you end up losing that money. Its a game of the mind than odds.

Using this understanding in real life, you will discover that most people lose money on things which promise unbelievable yields. It’s usually a chain that breaks no matter what. Money or success should not skip the process. When you skip certain procedures in your quest to make it faster and easier, you put whatever you have worked on to stand on one leg. Such success does not last.

It is important to be patient and disciplined enough to achieve results that can stay. Avoid shortcuts, don’t be enticed with things that promise quick and immediate glory. Work hard for anything, make small profits from each venture and when combined, they change your life, slowly and strongly.

20 thoughts on “Using the Betting Trick in our daily lives

  1. Fredrick

    Well said Kelvin

  2. Ernest Liwewe

    Very true

  3. Patrick

    It’s the last paragraph for me…… Well said bossman

  4. Alex Nyanda

    That’s true

  5. OBMW Jr II

    People are just too desperate for quick kills, no wonder scammers are so thriving. It’s this desperation that makes con artists apa prison pompa apa to thrive. In reality most of the people who tell you how much money they make actually end up making money from you.

  6. Gerald Hamisi

    Betting is a sin, period!

  7. Chims kays

    It makes sense.. nzachiphulitsa ine one day

  8. Jack chemassi mnolo

    Well understood.! Kungoti athu we think of making a lot of money at once nde at the end zimapezeka zavuta just a matter of articulating smaller odds n higher stake

  9. Chims kays

    Great topic

  10. Allan Chilima

    Well articulated and educative

  11. Benju

    My old man once said “zambiri zipweteketsa”

  12. cornell

    koma one day is one day tizawoloka.

    1. Frank

      Wow well articulated. Am very much interested in staking more in few odds. This gives atleast a bread per day.
      Thanks Kelv.

  13. Tamandani Majeweta

    Its really addictive if u want to use it to make ends meet otherwise zija its fun to play

  14. nate

    Makes sense

  15. Gift Kabango

    Zooona ankolo…

  16. Mike

    Paja munabetsa 100pin mutachalira 30pin.. Anyways betting is for rich people

    1. Jack Mnolo

      Aaaaaah betting its for everyone zimangofunik patience basi

  17. Shadreck

    All in all betting is not for the faint hearted… Izizi zimafunika kuganiza 👐

  18. Christina

    Kulemba mmatha. Big up

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