Politics, By Msiska Geoffrey Bottorn

The hope of a better tomorrow in shambles
Fake promises inhibits it
Illiterates are left to ponder
In their idle thoughts they wonder
Regretting the moment
they dipped their fingers in that ink
Hoping for a sweet morrow

Microphone test
One, two…
Yes, in podiums they stand
Ready will fertile speeches
That’s ready to impregnate your mind
For the longest periods they’ll be in office.

Mouth open like heaven’s gate
Muscles stretched like animal in labour
Impractical projects they’ll mention
Because they know you’ll buy them
Are you that cheap for these loose pranks.

Once in power their eyes
Become blind to see
And their ears
Too deaf to listen.

They’ll use big words as their tummies
Because they know majority are illiterate
They’ll never dare show you the other side of coin
Their mouths are like a running stomach
Tongues hissing like a rattlesnake.

As we wait for another
Game of promises
All their promise only end in the drain pipe
Collected in the septic system
For another five years
Of another added poverty
Think and sieve their promises
Before you mark that ballot paper
Is your choice the hope you’ve been waiting for?


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  1. Bernard PM Kawonga

    Nice poem

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