What I can tell you and what I cannot

Someone was asking me if I am a motivational speaker. I laughed and told him I can never be one because I do not fancy selling fantasies and telling people what they simply want to hear.

For example, motivational speakers will tell you to start with what you have and do business. My experience in business would look at me in the eye and feel sorry for the victim listening to me. In business, you do not just begin with what you have, but what you should have.

Again, most of them would make it easy with words, telling you to buy a few goats, raise them and they will multiply. They will not tell you what will happen if the goats can’t multiply, get stolen or take time to breed. The way I know Malawi, even goats behave very Malawian. That goat will frustrate you until you decide just to eat.

Some say go to your villages and ask for land from your Uncles, grow maize and watch what happens. Well, that small land will still need money for labour, fertilizer (don’t lie to each other about coupons) and rain. We dont command God on rainfall.

Bottomline is, business is not as easy as most people believe. That’s why I feel it’s always best to assess your possibilities. Some are good with businesses, let them do. Some will do well as employees, let them get employed, no shame in that. Some will opt entrepreneurship, let them do, but we can’t all become one, never happens, not even in marriage.

Am I a motivational speaker? That fantasy sh***t ain’t for me. Most of the methods preached can’t work in Malawi, not in our economy and I don’t think examples of those who quit school in America to pursue their inventions should be used in Malawi. Mupwetekana.

Osamayerekeza Malawi ndi US. Malawi is incomparable, we comfortably sit at the bottom of the wealth list of countries, and on top of the poverty list. Just have faith and hope for the best, don’t let those selling their ‘words’ drive you to a direction that they, themselves cannot go.

5 thoughts on “What I can tell you and what I cannot

  1. Tisungane

    The topic is just good, I really enjoy

    1. Kelvin Sulugwe

      Thank you Tisungane

  2. Patrick Elias

    Hahahaha I qoute…. Motivation speakers don’t tell u about the goats being stolen…… They Always look at the opportunities not challenges….

  3. Nafe

    Ati that goat will frustrate you… Ku malawi ase kukanika kusiya ntchito munthu oti wagwira over 20 years nkuyamba business ndiye azimuuza wina ntchito ilibe phindu.. 😂 Haa

  4. Che Mangochi

    Alot of motivational speakers are hypocrites …they preach what they can’t practice …alot of people have lost their had earned capital in trying to follow ways and methods of motivational speakers …it’s bad

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