One of the things life has taught me is to live by faith

Faith gives you confidence and hope to make things happen. I remember when I moved from my brother’s place to stay with a friend at Chemusa in Blantyre, one of the first possesions I acquired was a passport and driver’s licence.

While discussing the moves with a friend I shared a house with over a drink, some of the questions he asked me were, “are you planning to go to South Africa and seek greener pastures? Do you want to get employed as a driver?”

I told him it was none of the above. I simply wanted to have the things in preparation for future blessings and told him that if I would go to South Africa, it would not be the Mangochi or Mzimba type of journey, but a planned trip where I would know exactly what I am going there for. I even joked it would be by air. We laughed and continued to enjoy our Lawidzani, calmed with milk.

To those who appreciate time, in those days, to get a passport or driver’s licence would take you 3 months or more, depending on who you knew. It wasn’t as quick as it is now.

Fast forward, a year after getting my passport, during my hustles, I received a call from one of my contractors. He did not ask if I had a passport or not. He simply said, “Mr. Sulugwe, I need your passport number, you will be flying to South Africa tomorrow. While there, I have arranged a vehicle for you, someone will hand it over to you at the Airport.”

My faith won.

Now, you go buy a car holder, quickly 😂😂. You may wish to even call Sales Reps and ask for quotations. Walk by faith.

What do you think about this topic?

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