Of cheating partners and exposing them to public

If you catch your partner cheating and you have decided not to forgive them, just leave them and continue with your life. There are a lot of other people waiting to love you and respect you. Catching a partner cheating is not the end of life.

This thing of filming and/or beating up your partner and/or their other partners they cheat with is not the right solution. When you film and expose them you only bring shame on yourself and it shows how weak your heart and mind is.

Lets not forget, there comes a time, when you have to put feelings aside and decide to forgive your partner, to raise kids, for instance, you become foolish and in the end, how do you live with someone you exposed? How do you enjoy a private part you exposed to the public? How do you explain the make up with the person you shamed publicly?

To those with kids, what message are you sending to them?

Understand, every person can cheat at any time. If you have not caught your partner or if you have not been caught, it’s just a matter of time. Everyone has it in them, they can cheat, they have cheated and they will cheat. Make peace with it and prepare your mind so that when it happens to you, you don’t go about parading your partner to Facebook, we don’t even know what made them cheat in the first place. Ooh, there are always reasons.

Also to people in relationships, please, cheat respectfully. There are a lot of people looking up to you, including your partner. Be considerate and respectful with your cheating because your partner’s pride and ego depends on how you carry yourself.

16 thoughts on “Of cheating partners and exposing them to public

  1. Charles kachingwe

    Life is too short..its better to move on…kumapanga zodzisangalatsa to avoid depression

    1. Alinafe mdzeka

      Its true and I love the topic and I quote ” everyone has it in them” but when it comes for forgiveness you to it for yourself not on the other person because if you want to be at peace then you should forgive them if you want to continue with them if your not ready to forgive them don’t take them back cause it will only do you harm you will be hurt each time you remember about it.

      1. Wisdom shonga

        It’s better to focus on other things .

  2. Patrick Elias

    Am not supporting the exposing and the beating….but some times these happens cause of the trauma caused once u see the scene….. Especially the beating… Happened to me once in my house on my bed….. The first reaction was beating the hell out of them coz coludnt believe my eyes….. So during such scenes there no guarantee on how to act….

  3. Edward chikape

    This is real life situation and I have learnt alot on this , keep on big g

  4. Joshua kamanga

    Zimangoona kuvuta but cheating is not a solution, cheating is not healthy…. Its just unfortunate that in this era we tend to justify some irrational doing……but all in all as you have put it, let those who want to cheat cheat with respect.

    But let’s try and fight to be royal to each other, its a great feeling, its not gona be simple to be committed to someone one, but it’s worth it at the end.

  5. Luke Wa Chimwaza

    That’s what separates men from boys

  6. Lastone Jr Mbewe

    It’s full of facts and i agree with filming and beating after catching your loved one, i does not only tarnish the other person’s image but it also tarnished even yourself because people regard you as abnormal person in the way that you dont have manners when it comes to issues of resolving a problem ir challenges.
    I always prioritize peaceful conversations, of which i understand it hurts once you catch somebody. But the question come “what next after the violence?”
    So there’s sence in this topic!
    I only go against the statement saying “Also to people in relationships, please, cheat respectfully.” i think there no any goodness in cheating.

  7. Pempho Singo

    I agree a hundred percent that’s I walk away from a person whenever I feel unwanted.

  8. Rufaro

    Hahaha akazi onsewa osangosiyana mu mtendere bwanji ..mwina ka rematch kabho mtsogolo

  9. Tamandani Majeweta

    For women zimalowa challnge asandione ngat opusa n end uo blowing things out of proportion. Heal n move on

  10. Gift Kabango

    Very true!

  11. Chikondi Elton Chapita

    Kelvin mupempe tiziponya vn
    Ma topic enawa tikufuna nafe tiziyipantsa moto zeni zeni.
    Your sincerely
    Charman of Your website

  12. Rabecca

    Well noted,, if they cheat just move on don’t fight , just move on life has so many beautiful things to offer to you

  13. mhonegodfrey

    Anything can happen..u really need to prepare for that..
    Thats why they say u dating is for.matured people…u need to be able.to.handle the pain that comes with dating

  14. Gerald Nthavi

    I quote Just move on with your life basi

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