Living within your means, all days are not Sundays

No one has ever died from adjusting their lifestyle to accommodate changes in dwindling financial capacity.

Iyiyi muziyivetsetsa magaye. Palibe anafapo chifukwa choti wadzichepetsa mkuyamba kukhala molingana ndikapezedwe kake.

It doesn’t matter you had millions before, koma ngati kapezedwe kasintha mwayamba kuvutika kupeza ndalama, adjust immediately to recover fast.

Mukati anthu akutameni kuti simukuvutika pansi pa mtima mukudziwa kuti zikuvuta, you will make things worse.

You will go deep into debts that you cant service, you will live a stressed life and that stress will lead to depression and before you know it, mwayamba kuganiza zodzipha chifukwa munakanika kuvomereza situation.

There is no shame in retreating to regroup. We all go through such breakdowns in life. Don’t force matters. Ngati rent yadula ku 47, adjust, go where you can afford it without too much stress.

Get rid of luxuries, your focus should be on your financial come back, not maintaining a lifestyle that is putting you in more problems.

There are a lot of people who came back from to glory after losing everything. The longer you take to force a lifestyle that you cant afford, the longer it will also take for you to actually come back to that lifestyle.

But let me warn you, when you get to that level, the first people to mock you will be those munkadya nawo aja. Ndipo its a beautiful time to know who is real and who is not.

The wife you or girlfriend you thought you knew can also change and go elsewhere to seek comfort. It is at this point people talk to you anyhow. Be strong. You will not be the first one in such a situation.

Focus should be the destination, not the journey. No matter how dark a night can be, light will come in the morning. No matter how long a journey takes, you surely get there.

Don’t be distracted, don’t lose focus and hope. Technically, you are on your own, but in principle, everyone has their own suffering skeletons. Dont react to problems, act on them.

2 thoughts on “Living within your means, all days are not Sundays

  1. Bernard PM Kawonga

    That’s very true, tisamalimbane ndikukhala moyo oti anthu atitame

  2. Lusekelo

    i Quote “No one has ever died from adjusting their lifestyle to accommodate changes in dwindling financial capacity”…this is so true

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