It takes words to motivate people, but actions to inspire them

Someone was asking me if I am a motivational speaker. I laughed and told him I can never be one because I do not fancy selling fantasies and telling people what they simply want to hear.

For example, motivational speakers will tell you to start with what you have and do business. My experience in business would look at me in the eye and feel sorry for the victim listening to me. In business, you do not just begin with what you have, but what you should have.

Again, most of them would make it easy with words, telling you to buy a few goats, raise them and they will multiply. They will not tell you what will happen if the goats can’t multiply, get stolen or take time to breed. The way I know Malawi, even goats behave very Malawian. That goat will frustrate you until you decide just to eat.

Some say go to your villages and ask for land from your Uncles, grow maize and watch what happens. Well, that small land will still need money for labour, fertilizer (don’t lie to each other about coupons) and rain. We don’t command God on rainfall.

It takes words to motivate people, but actions to inspire them, that is why on top of what I say, I also do. I go to places I want people to go. I eat what I want people to eat and I love how I want them to love. That is beyond motivating.

9 thoughts on “It takes words to motivate people, but actions to inspire them

  1. Patrick Elias

    Hahahahaha pure facts in this one……

  2. Emmanuel Mwamatope

    wow, thats really true brother, I like how you your things sometimes I would love to know more mostly on time management as young man whose chasing his dream, and to get rid of social media addiction

  3. Brah Joe

    Keep up the good work…we are living in world in which talk is cheaper than action. Its mesmerising to see examples of actions more and words lesser

    1. Rho

      I have no time to listen to these people.

  4. Caphyzo

    Facts in here

  5. Che Mangochi

    This cool …well articulated and helpful

  6. Gert

    I once invested in some business with a motivational speaker, it hurts me to say I have never felt so unproductive as I felt with that motivational speaker. I still regret the funds lost. Motivational speakers rely on words, most of them do not even know what they mean

  7. Bernard PM Kawonga

    I’ve known you Kelvin as the most hard working guy who not only speaks but also demonstrates whatever you say. In fact you say what you do. You are an inspiration to many of us

  8. Denis Mwanza

    Kkkkkkkkk some motivation speakers take thingss to the extreme…every time you listen to someone trying to motivate its very importatant to critically analyse what they say into the local context to see if itss in line with one’s current situation

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