We are a product of our decisions

Last time I talked about decision making as a crucial element of our daily lives. I mentioned this in the context of moving on from different setbacks such as broken relationships.

I want to emphasize something today. We are a product of our decisions. Whatever happens in our lives, the decision making element contributes a massive percentage to the outcomes. That is why the decisions that we make over and over usually turn into habits.

Think of a day that things were too hard for you. You had no money and no food at home. What decision did you make on that particular day? And since problems are part of our daily lives, what has been your decision each time you face similar challenges?

To this thought, they are those who started with begging as a major part of their reaction to challenges they face to the point that begging became a habit. Others resorted to prostitution, others turned into thieves and others chose to just end their lives.

There are also those who took a different approach from the onset, finding a solution that’s self-reliant as a way to deal with their problems. This also becomes a habit. An independent mind, life and wellbeing. There are people who will sleep on an empty stomach than sleep on a stomach full with charity food or money from unfortunate deeds.

There is nothing wrong with begging or whatever sorry decisions in certain cases, but there is everything wrong with it when it becomes a habit. Teach yourself self reliance, you will never hate those with money akamapanga nayo ndalama yawo zomwe iwowo zimawasangalatsa.

Note: Munthu amene amakuthandiza atha kukutuma or kukuvula anytime.

11 thoughts on “We are a product of our decisions

  1. Vinthumfumbenge

    85% true because sometimes ur not the product of your decisions. 15% you can be a product of other people’s decisions

  2. Allan Chilima

    We are where we are today because of the decisions we made yesterday, and tommorow depends on the decisions we make today….. So inspiring

  3. Charles kachingwe

    Agree with you bro

  4. Patrick Elias

    Very true especially last words we become servants kwa anthu omwe amatithandiza regardless of our age…… And status in a society

  5. Edward chikape

    Awesome, proper decision making is power

  6. Pempho Singo

    You can be whatever you think you can be. But sometimes the influence of those you look up to will also contribute to mould your future being.

  7. Shadreck

    Fact iyiyi💯, I’ve learned something here👐

  8. Christina

    Your writtings inspire me alot

  9. mhonegodfrey

    Small decisions made today towards our everyday situations will determine our tommorrow…
    Similary our evryday habits alittle as they seem they have a bigger impact on our lives

  10. Mary Nkhonjera

    I believe in being satisfied with what you have, zikasowa accept and wait for next time

  11. Bernard PM Kawonga

    We need to rely on ourselves and make decisions that will not make us to regret

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