On John Mussa case, let’s take the win and hope for the best

Speaking as someone who fought for Mussa together with other well wishers and everybody on Facebook who wrote a #FreeMussa comment, I will say, we did great. It may not be the outcome we would have hoped for, but it’s been a successful struggle.
We fought against a system that slapped Mussa harshly. Our voice was that the 8 year jail term was too much for him, considering the fact that other people have gone away with either fines or lesser sentences for similar offices that simply differ in quantities of the evidence product.
It would also be very ignorant from our end to expect the courts to rescind the whole sentence in general. That would mean a review of each and every case that is similar in nature to this one. I don’t think we would be able to fund that, also, it would set a precedent that young people can engage in crimes without taking responsibility.
From 8 years to 3 years, this is a win. 5 years knocked out, also, he has already served almost half a year of his punishment and I have no doubt that a Christmas Presidential pardon would easily be enforced on grounds of good behavior and that he will have already served about half of his term.
We must be able to accept tough wins even when the win is not to our satisfaction, but so much is in play in this case and we have registered a very good voice against the judiciary. This is the beginning of the revolution for justice for the poor. The courts have been made aware of our unity against selective justice.
We fought for Mussa and we will fight again.
Going forward, Mafana Ochepekedwa Koma Olimbikira, lets stay away from crime scenes and crime in general. Justice does not favor the poor because justice is expensive. Justice favors the rich because they are able to afford it by hiring good lawyers, paying off witnesses and whatever legal tricks come their way. Let us aim to work very hard so we can also afford justice. It’s not cheap.
Allow me to recognize Counsel Alexious Kamangira for his relentless efforts not just on this case, but all the other cases he takes on. I am very proud of my childhood friend and I continue to learn from his selfless heart. I hope someday, when I make it as a lawyer, I will follow his good lead.
Special thanks to Rodwell who was also instrumental in this case. He dedicated his time to make sure that Mussa’s Mother was heard and helped by people. He is slowly creating a very good brand of influence for his career. That is commendable.
To Mikozi, we also appreciate your balance of trivial and seriousness. That is why people love you.
Lastly, to my artist Kalawe, the most influential social justice activist/rapper, God bless you. People may not agree with your methods, but appreciate your results. They may disagree with your loud mouth, but they find comfort in your quiet and gentle heart.
I have hope, Mussa will not finish those 3 years, but for now, we take the win.

2 thoughts on “On John Mussa case, let’s take the win and hope for the best

  1. Bernard PM Kawonga

    God bless anyone who is taking part in this fight

  2. Brah joe

    By having a reduced sentence thats a success by far. Thanks for this post

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