Kudos to Kondwani Ngwira, but we need to be allowed to ask the right questions

In this post, Let’s look at this in a more positive way than the first one, but first and foremost, let’s understand that when some people speak, it is not out of malice, but sincere observation. Ofcourse kayankhulidwe kathu kamakhaka ka mtopola, koma we are sincere. 

Facebook shine is not something to be proud of in life. People come and go and the likes remain the same, useless. They don’t even translate to money, if they did, a lot of famous people would be making millions per post. No one eats likes and not everyone lives for likes. 

Locally made juice

Our friend, Kondwani Ngwira has come with solutions, which is very commendable and I also applauded him on the same, but solutions come with responsibility to avoid dealing with this problem while creating another. 

Allow those who wish to observe differebtly to voice out their views without being labeled as enemies of progress. We are on social media, sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t, but in the end, we are one good family. Tikalakwitsa, tidzudzuleni, mukalakwitsa, tikudzudzulana, however, on opinion, it’s about agreeing and dissagreeing. 

Personally, I have only looked at how quickly testimonials have started pouring in, with a caption that goes, “I attended the training at BICC.” This simply means that it’s a testimony of the BICC session. And we have questions on that. Very honest questions. 

If these things have been happening for sometime, well, some of us don’t know that, we only base our views on “I attended the training at BICC.” People like me and a couple others are only giving our views based on that and what we intend to ask are honest questions. 

From attending an event on Sunday, and by Tuesday, production and packaging has already been done. HOW?

Designing and Packaging, as I know it cannot be achieved in a single day. You need time for that, unless it was already there but just needed a product to be attached to it, then tell us its a testimony from one of the lessons given sometime back, not at BICC.

Ladies and gentlemen, production of consumables is not something to take lightly. We are talking about things that will end up in the stomachs of people, more especially children and old people with less ability to fight off diseases eminating from consumables. 

Just because you are in a hurry to make money, it does not give you the right to do it at the expense of other people’s health. And something done in such a hurry has high chances of being harmful and unhealthy to people. Here, we will agree to dissagree, no feelings.

You might argue that we eat these things already on our markets such Zitumbuwa, Freezes wa Malemba, etc, but then how different are you trying to be if you do what everyone else is doing wrongly? Cutting corners to production of consumables is treasonous to people’s wellbeing. Also, the Thobwa made in Makwalala use products that are already certified by MBS such Sugar, Yeast and Flour.

Not everything is jealous, sometimes we just have to ask basic questions and perhaps, extend good suggestions that should go along with the positives. Be assured that a hungry fish is easily trapped. 

If you are making a business that you wish to grow, it’s very important to respect the laws of the country. If you want to make something that should find itself at Shoprite shelves and to be consumed, you need to be certified by MBS and be a Taxpayer. These are basic registration processes that should never be skipped, they are actually more important even before packaging.

Also, as an entrepreneur myself, the hardest part of a business is not production itself, but selling. To sell, your product has to be at par or better than the existing ones. You cannot introduce a product that is below average or that is unregulated and expect to break through the market. Visionary entrepreneurship has to think of tomorrow. Sustainability is everything. You need the person to continue buying your product. How do they do it if it makes them sick?

Also, thousands of people attended the training, but in the end, a lot of them seem to be producing one product, but at individual levels, , why not come together to produce that product as one and put together resources for even a better product to claim a large market share?

There are many positives on this and Kho has done a commendable job, but there is no shortcut to entrepreneurship. You can’t skip certain processes and expect to achieve your end goal. Unless ndi zapsa tong’ola. We are not jealous, we are only asking the right questions.

Thank you for reading. Comments are open on the website where a full article has been posted. 

27 thoughts on “Kudos to Kondwani Ngwira, but we need to be allowed to ask the right questions

  1. Cathy

    Sometimes it’s good to ask question this training yangopangidwa one day ku bicc unless ngati anayamba kalekale an at bicc kunali gulu pena umamva pena ai and to do things zooneka kumaso takes time even mandasi omwewa umapezeka three days or week imene kuti uphike mandasi a apetising nde one day training koma ma botolo ama brand mbwee anaodelatu nkungosunga nanga ma ingredients ndizodabwisadi mwene,ine nde funso limenelo nde ndinali nalo kuyambira ma testimony akuthetheka ndati anthuwa mwati zakhala bwanji,so yes munthu utha kukhala ndi mafuso ndithu.

    1. MLiNda


  2. Patricia

    Its possible to learn today and produce the same day if you have the ingredients in your house.
    Yes it’s possible to design and print stickers for a product the same day especially in Lilongwe.
    Kondwani is working in partnership with MBS and they have been present in some of his trainings.
    Kondwani is encouraging Malawians to form cooperatives identify one product register a company get certified by MBS and start selling.
    What people are sending are photos to prove that the formulas or recipes are working .
    I’m answering as someone who has tried maheu production and I have seen that kondwani recipe is real.

    1. Kelvin Sulugwe

      MBS certification does not take a day to br done. What are you talking about?

      1. JUMA

        Take a step and help bro…don’t just say things. know that what you can find easy to accomplish cannot be easy to others as well. come in and help people already cooked by Kho. to finish what he has started it is called LOVE. Kondwani is open to your services akutelo from his posts, i for one can prove that.

      2. Female

        Nsanje ndi matenda!! Get well soon Kelvin

        1. Mlinda

          I agree with Kelvin,there is no way,MBS can give a certificate just a day and the brand name aiiiii,akutipaka koma we love the initiative koma wachulutsa,mpulumutiyu

          1. Betty

            Izizi sanayambe relo, anayamba pakare just that people aonesa interest kwambiri pompano. N also Kelvin you’re such a terrible person, you keep on hating on anyone amene watchuka that time. You did the same to Pemphero, n now Kho. Kaya ma likes amapereka ndlama or not, learn to mind your business and not other’s, don’t act like mikozi, you’re not even funny.

    2. Kelvin Bapu

      MBS certification does not take a Day

      Designing stickers a day
      And send them to a printing shop a Day
      On the other hand your producing& Manufacturing ur products😂

      Be serious guys !

      Yogurt takes even 24hours to be perfectly manufactured

  3. Jeniwasi

    Thanks bro mfundo yanu.ntchto ya MBS apapa mwayiyamba.we have people like you in our rooten nation who wants everything to be done by them.Y don’t you let mBs to do its job? Your complaint is baseless bro.Mwina mumangopanga focus za business yanu ndiye relo ndikupatsani ntchito bwana kuti mufufuze how Chine came to the point it is now.Let things happen and let the people do their job don’t go for someone’s position with that you will be fine.

  4. Henz Newndal

    Even though I didn’t attend the training sessions, but I’ll answer this. As long as a person has everything needed or has money and has learnt the processes well, I don’t think there’s something which can stop them to produce good items/products in a such short period.

    This is the same things that are happening in the factories, do they need to spend the whole week to produce the product? The answer is no.

    I remember in 2017 I went to Blantyre for my holiday and I learnt how to make chicken feed and I was able to process the feed even when Uncle was not around. And we were producing more than 100kgs in a single day. This simply means it can happen even in a short period of time as long as the materials are there.


    1. Kelvin Sulugwe

      I am not sure I get what you are saying.

    2. Jeniwasi msandide

      Pena tidzimva chisoni tikaona anthu akuvutika.Wina kubwela ndinjira yomwe ingathandize anthuwa inu ndiye mukuyesetsa kulepheretsa.Y Malawians? People like you ndiomwe akuononga dziko lathu komaso president wathu pomamupatsa upangiri olakwika.ndikanakhala ine ndiamene akukuvutani kwambiri.please feel happy mukaona anthu akugulitsa timitedza tawo osati kuwatchinga ai

      1. Viola

        I don’t see positivity in this post

  5. Pempho Ashan

    In your writing I feel like their are mixed reactions starting from production,certification and marketing.
    On production,it is possible to manufacture products within the shortest possible period of time provided you have enough resources..

    On Certification pf the products made by KHO.It is the duty of Malawi Bureau of Standards to certify the products made in Malawi.Some individuals have indicated that MSB has been participating in some of the training which KHO is doing.Therefore,it would be proper if you can write to MSB and get their response before criticising.
    Marketing.Every product that is new in the industry takes time to penetrate and finds itself place.Let us first of all concentrate on production and let’s not worry about the market when products are not there.Actually it is not only when you have higher quality products that you surpass your competitors but also when you decide to sell your products at a reasonable price.A very good example is China on the same

  6. Zak

    Bwana Kelvin learn to appreciate zomwe azanu ayambapo, inuyo bwezi mutalumikizana ndi mzanuyu mkuunikira momwe mungayendere

  7. Joseph

    Appreciate what others are doing Mr Silungwe. The testimonies you see ndi zinthu ayesela anthu kupanga after training ya Kondwani. MBS certification, Registration etc will be done later on. For a start, he is/has identified 200 participants who he will help to register their companies, help them to have their products certified by MBS – all those serviced for free. Selection ndiyoti munthu Ayers kutumiza product yimene wapanga kenako ngati ili bwino akhala mu anthu amene awasankhe 200 aja. I don’t know if I have explained zomveka bwino. For more detailed information, contact the Pangolin himself.

  8. simplicio kamwana

    This is why Malawi singapite patali because of this people omangofuna nthawi zonse azikamba zaiwowo..the national anthem say ,,tichonse mtima wa nsanje ….sibwino choncho…I thought this is a good time a sulungwe munakagwirana chanza ndi a kachamba not kubwela pa social media ndikumalakhula chonchi…mwapanga ngt simunapite ku xull..mtima ozikonda

    1. Jaympha Moyenda

      Actually i didn’t hear or read anywhere that they’ve successfully made a product and it’s certified already, maybe if i missed that one. But in my own opinion I don’t see anything wrong and suspicious in what is happening because if the people have the resources to do the production,then it can be done in a day or 2 then all is set waiting for certification processes. On the other hand I don’t know what you really want in Kho

  9. Sargon

    Your right brother your post makes a lot of sense ma

  10. Andrea


    First things first, I have a friend who narrated to me the outcome of one of the training sessions that a relative attended and has been put to good use , so the BICC isn’t the first, might be the biggest this far but he started a while back.
    As an enlightened person trust the process , some things will be rectified over time by the Adam Smith’s “invisible hand”. Those that start the production will be compelled to undertake the MBS certification and regular product development to meet the intended market.
    The funders will jostle and take their rightful position in the chain whether individuals or ask some to go cooperatives route.

    Trust the process, if this is not interrupted, I see massive SME growth that this economy needs

  11. Gregory

    It’s been years since kho started such trainings but they were paid ones

  12. Shady

    Kelvin Sulungwe, I used to respect you sir but not anymore. It’s such a disgrace to see you wasting your energy discouraging someone who is trying to give something to his country. You are stupid bwana

  13. Brah joe

    Its always helpful to look at things from a different angle. Its sad to see alot others look at diverse approach or questioning established beliefs as hate.

  14. Madalitso Mpindamalata

    I thought the first part of all this was to let people learn some basics, za MBS is a whole different story for another day if they would like to penetrate into the market as a brand.

  15. Madalitso Lumbe

    Ana aang’ono inu simukuziwq kali konse musamafulumire ku jaja, am with Kelvin Sulungwe, i like pple who look at both sides cause am that guy aswell. Inde Kho he is doing good job and akuthandiza anthu koma mukayang’anitsisa sakutiuza china chake, i mean there is nothing for free kudziko lapansi kuno there isn’t, tell us where is he getting the funds, tell us what is his real motive, tell us what is his gains, chifukwa i think he is a business man as far as i know. I posted on my timeline pa Facebook kuti, “something is something there are anonymous funds or he is building brand(his brand) or even there is a premium version coming, koma basi anthu ndiukilenitu pamene paja. Anyway i find that most of testimonies to be false since he has money he can tip people to do so, so that pple can be carried away or even tip media houses and news agencies

    Koma chilipo chilipo and tonse sikayamba ma business nde azitigula ndi ndani? Since money needs to circulate zinthu zizibalansa komanso tikayamba chonchi ma company akulu akuluwa qkayamba kutithama koma munenetsa kuti sitimamwa thobwa opangidwa brand kuti maheu pa mtengo wa k2000 each, amalawi tuziwana mene timapangila zinthu zathu inu. Ma company akulu akulu akatithawa, i was buying ma chop sticks mu ma shop ama china k350 amakhalamo 50 kuti ndiziikamo mipani yamnyama, timipani topala bwino pa machine tadongotsolo, well packed, nde that was the retail chop nanga amaoda bwanji from china?, nde muganizile amenewa apite amalawi ayambe kupanga zimene do you think i can buy it same k350 timitengo 50 well packed comon. Penapake tizalira amalawi mark my words, lisiyeni ziko mene lilimu liziyenda chonchi tonse sitingasangalale, zikuyenera ena alire ena asangalale basi. Dziko lizasintha mwina wake akazafuna kulithetsa koma nothing can change.

    There is a gap and yes the Gap needs to be there for a reason and its good like that. Tonse amalawi tikhale ndi ndege what can happen?,.

    Thats why there is law and there is bible to keep us in track tonse sitingaziwe kupanga zinthu nde mapeto ake sitimagulanatu fukwa nsaname i cant buy protex k1000 yet i know kut munthuyo walowetsano k120

    Sometimes ignorance is wisdom
    Illiteracy is peace. Zikomo kumpando.

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