If you are in your 30s and turning up like a 20 year old, something is wrong with you

If you are in your 30s And still playing with life, something is fundamentally wrong with you. It means you are not fully considering your growth and while you may have very good explanations about it, I wish to remind you that almost everyone in prison today think they are innocent.

By design, Getting to 30 means you have gone through the following:

1. You have made money and you have lost money
2. You have made friends and you have lost friends
3. You have loved and you have been loved
4. You have hurt and you have been hurt

Going forward, experience becomes the basis of your decisions. The wise grow and the dumb still live in anticipation of a better tomorrow. Time waits for no man. In the next few years, you will be in your 40s.

Not so long ago you were in your 20s. Don’t think that this time around, sunsets and sunrises in future will be slower than the past. Man up. Do away with anything toxic, whether a woman you love or friends you cherish.

The main disadvantage you have for your future is you and the main advantage you have for the same future is you. No one else.

2 thoughts on “If you are in your 30s and turning up like a 20 year old, something is wrong with you

  1. Bernard PM Kawonga

    It really time for the getto youth to move out of anything toxic.

    There’s sense in this article

  2. Mwayi banda

    Nice piece!

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