How Malawian Celebs lose pages to hackers when promised money for sponsored Ads

“Do you want to make money with sponsored articles?”

It usually starts like that. You are promised around $700 USD per article and they will post few articles a week on topics of your choosing.

They tell you they dont need access to your page, you will be the Admin but you have to authorise their Facebook Application for posting the articles.

You are given a link to follow which prompts you to grant a certain Facebook Business access to your website. Once you click YES, it is the end of everything. That page is gone. Easy money that isn’t so easy after all.

Slowly, our Malawian Celebs are losing their pages to these scams.

I remember one particular Artist who I used to manage his page for removed me from the page atalandira that message. Kufuna kudya okha magaye, ife tisadziwe.

Truth is, money doesn’t come easily. Always consult other people if in doubt.

2 thoughts on “How Malawian Celebs lose pages to hackers when promised money for sponsored Ads

  1. Bernard PM Kawonga

    Kkkkkkk 😂😂 kukuchotsa u admin, eeeish koma magaye pa dola amafuna azindua okha but they only remember you when they are in trouble

  2. Kondwani Phiri

    Magaye AWA NDI achabe🙌🙌🙌my account is gone.

    They used account of my best friend, ine kumacheza odaziwa NDI mbola, then ma tips ..akuti ipange yes🙌🙌🙌account gone

    Last week another freind of mine called me, avekele man zija unati nipange night ndapanga koma sikutheka🙌I told him am no longer in control of that account 🙌inapitaso yake🙌🙌

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