How to text Public Figures and get noticed easily

Communication is everything especially when you are talking to people who do not know you. It is good to eliminate assumptions and believes. We all know that when you meet people face to face, a greeting is necessarily to show respect and start a good conversation. 

However, the internet, social media in particular is a complete place that needs a different approach. It is still good to salute people in messages, but it is communication failure not to go straight to the point as you wait for the person to respond to your greeting before you tell them what you want.

Public Figures get a lot of messages in their inbox and no matter how good or urgent your cause is, there is still someone with a better case than yours.

When you are texting Famous people with large following on social media platforms, build your case immediately. Avoid greeting them and wait for them to respond to your greeting for you to tell them what you want. Be straightforward.

A good example would:

Hello/How are you Phyzix

My name is Kelvin Sulugwe from Lilongwe.

I do so so so.

I need help/advice/direction from you on xxx.

I will be glad if you respond to my message.

Thank You for your time.


Keep it simple, apply paragraphs and be as clear as you can. When a person reads this message, they are likely to respond to you than respond to a simple greeting of Hi, Hello, Hey, Inu, Apongozi, Mahope, Handsome etc unless your profile picture has some sort of motivation and can stand the test of leisure. Also, avoid the Facebook template messages like:

“Can I know more about you?” Or “Are you available to chat?” Etc. Its a waste of time, you will always be blueticked. Always keep in mind that your message is not special. It is among the thousands of other messages looking for the same attention.

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    Wonderful piece of information

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    Great advice,and it really works

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