On National Bank’s K40 million donation to Epic Lounge for Kizz Daniel concert in Malawi

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Epic Boss Yollam Kawanga

Thank you so much National Bank of Malawi for this kind gesture towards Epic Lounge.

We understand this sponsorship has brought mixed reactions to some people who feel that Epic Lounge is not a Malawian Business and does not deserve any support from another Malawian business that benefits from its business.

We understand some of these people feel the owner of Epic, Yollam Kawanga is not a Malawian Entrepreneur who deserves support from a local bank that he transacts with on regular basis.

We understand that some people feel the show is not an opportunity for the bank to market its products such as mo626 which is commonly used by Epic customers when paying for their bills or when loading money into their cards at the venue and that its also being used to buy tickets.

We understand that some people do no believe that Epic waiters, waitresses, bouncers, cleaners and managers are from Malawi and they do not deserve to operate in a business that can get support from a bank to support their event which in turn helps them survive the hardships we are all going through.

We also understand those who feel the money should have gone to local artists because Epic does not have local artists such as DJs who perfom everyday at the club and will be performing on this day, alongside Kizz Daniel.

We understand those who feel Epic does not deserve this support because it has not supported local talent when they invite local artist to perform at their venue week in week out and its the only club that spends millions in performance fee payments to artists in Malawi.

We understand that Kizz Daniel is a very cheap musician whose booking price is the same as that of our local artists despite the musician having one of the biggest song in Africa right now and having a minimum of 2 million monthly streams on Sportify alone, streams that are over 1.5X the combined streams of all our local musicians.

We understand that Kizz Daniel and his team of more than 5 people will arrive in the country via Sososo or something, will lodge at some place in Chigwirizano and will use Keke for their local running and this is very cheap that it does not require a huge sum to compensate with.

We understand that some people feel this money would have helped the poor, ignoring all the millions the bank already gives to the poor, millions of donations that went to Covid-19 and all other charity events they sponsor on weekly or monthly basis.

What it is wrong with us to understand all these things?

But once again, thank you NB for supporting one of the most hardworking entrepreneur in Malawi, a person who inspires the likes of me to push to the limits and be a force to reckon with in entrepreneurship.



4 thoughts on “On National Bank’s K40 million donation to Epic Lounge for Kizz Daniel concert in Malawi

  1. Brah Joe

    You are right on point. Elsewhere entertainment projects have grown due to the corporate world endorsements and sponsorship.

  2. Bernard PM Kawonga

    That’s the problem with many of us Malawians, we are good at criticism.

    I agree with you, the bank do many things for us as their corporate responsibility. So there’s nothing wrong in helping someone who is a hard worker.

    Amene akut bola akanathandiza osauka, atenge ndalama zake akathandize

  3. Che Mangochi

    Kungoti ambirife umphawi watikunga nde zikumapanga affect ndi maganizidwe omwe …koma honestly speaking you invest where you expect returns …anthu adziwe kusiyanitsa between charity and investment

  4. Denis Mwanza

    For me its the writing skill…just wow…exraordinary!

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