Kell Kay and Gwamba make an irresistible declaration in “Ndinu” release

There is always a keenness when abundant talents meet to give fans a prescription of ingenuity. That anticipation has always been the case with Malawi’s award winning Hip-Hop artist, Gwamba and the award winning Afro-Pop sensation Kell Kay. When they slog in together, a hit is continually definite.

Unflappably, they have already given Malawi with great hits such as Too Much, Mapiko, Timpuza and Mr Yesu, among others.

Releasing their for Ndinu, Gwamba and Kell Kay have once again collaborated in what is already designated as a landmark in their respective careers, given the current settings that saw the two artists battling a heavy load of defamation against their public image.

“I work very hard. I consistently make hit songs. When I have an event, I push very hard and you have seen it with your own eyes. As much as I have certain privileges that others may not have (which is definitely not a sin), no one should ever try to look down on my hard work, that’s wrong,” Gwamba had previously said in a statement on his Facebook.

Kell Kay also had his fair share of the hullabaloo and expressed his displeasure towards the allegations perceived as a subversion to discolour his undeniably good image and make fans turn against him.

“No one deserves to work so hard in his career and make a name for himself and have this same name thrown in the mad in a day simply because someone recorded a video badmouthing them,” posted Kell Kay in what was also a long statement on his Facebook page.

In Ndinu song, the two artists artistically channel their thwarting, with an assortment of daily struggles by praying to God that in the end, it’s Him and Him alone that can comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

Kell Kay sings:

“Ati ndilibe nzeru, poti ndilibe ndalama // Sakumakondwera nane, poti inuyo mwadalitsa… In everything I put you first // Mwandidalitsabe or atandipanga curse // Adani anga please Jah Jah bless… Sindimadandaula poti zonse mwapereka ndinu!!!

Gwamba jumps on the song with his habitual bravura and lyrics without reluctance, shooting certain jabs to those who effortlessly fit his mawkish shoe.

Nditha kuyima pachulu ndikutchalenja // Ngati Yesu amandikonda angandisale ndani?… Ndiye ndimangopitabe // Kuyesa kupeka zinkhani koma fans osanditsikabe // M’phwanga ichi ndi chisomo sagulitsa mu Game adha // Zopangirana nsanje ndiza lame adha // Pa mavuto anzako kufuna fame adha, what a shame adha!!!

Looking at the current trends on Social Media, it is safe to determine that the song has become an instant hit. Download it below:

Download: NDINU – Kell Kay ft Gwamba and Kwambwiri Sisters


4 thoughts on “Kell Kay and Gwamba make an irresistible declaration in “Ndinu” release

  1. Caphus

    Long live the G.O.ATs✊

  2. Bernard PM Kawonga

    Or mavuto akule bwa sindidera nkhawa chifukwa ndikudziwa kut sindili ndekha

    That’s a nice song

  3. Davious

    Kelvin umatha aise


    kelvin ndiwe katswiri well narated

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