Hardwork, Focus and Good Management is Eli Njuchi’s Red Flag Triangle

The Malawi Music industry is the easiest one to break through compared to other countries. Also, the same industry is the most difficult to maintain relevance for a long time.

Imagine after all the years of hard work coupled with sleepless nights and personal dedication, then boom, someone accuses you of being Satanic. We will tackle someday.

Eli Njuchi has been a force to reckon with from the time he dropped The Book of Z. He came in, a shy young boy with little words that said enough.

As young as he was when he made a debut, the boy captured captured heart with songs like Zitaye, Zitheke, Phone and Honest.

His composition has been one of a kind, delivering hard hitting messages on a very soft beat, without stammering with creativity that is the spice Eli Njuchi has brought to the industry. It’s almost impossible not to recognize Eli Njuchi, especially after Gu Gu Gu, his biggest hi to this far.

Despite all the fluids of creativity flowing through his veins, he still looked around and landed himself in very capable management hands of Prince Chikweba, whom we previously called Prince Carth, an equally down to earth guy with so much to give.

We have seen young people that came with a bang on the scene, only to get lost along the way in a darkness of scandals, self-exaltation, womanising and hoping to leave a life that their current means could not sustain.

Eli Njuch has been a role model among role models. He has managed to live a quiet, yet loud life. His works have done the talking and his actions have echoed his humbleness.

What a young man headed for greatness.

As he launches his album today in Mangochi, we can only be proud of what is yet to come from the young man who has established himself as one of the most relevant artists of this time.

Good lucky to Eli.


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  1. Bernard PM Kawonga

    Honestly the Young Man deserve this. He always works hard

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