Fans left hungry for Onesimus’ highly anticipated album, African Butter

If you follow Onesimus Muzik on Facebook, then you must have come across snippets of his songs in the upcoming album, African Butter, as he is also proudly called these days.

There is no denying the super talent in Onesimus who started as Armstrong, many years ago before retiring to gospel, and later retire from retirement to make music for all, with his come back getting a very good reception from followers.

“Me and my team have worked so hard, day, night, months, weeks, We have given it all so that my fans could enjoy this work of art. We traveled many miles, sleepless nights, fought battles but In the end obstacles could not stop the moving train. I am grateful because I have the right people in my circle and I want to take this moment to appreciate my management. “AFRICAN BUTTER” drops September. He posted on his Facebook Page.

The artist has shared a number of TikTok videos, giving people an idea of what to expect from his album and probably living up to the threat when he told other musicians to release their music before he does,

“Ndakhala ndikuonera ti ma clips ta Onesmus ta nyimbo zomwe zili nkudza. Album iyiyi kulibeko skip. Kaya mtengo izakhala pa bwanji koma ndizayesetsa kugulitsa kidney kuti ndigule basi. Kukuoneka kuti kukubwera bomba,” commented Malawi’s Best Hip-Hop artist Kalawe. Kalawe is indeed the Best, Mindset is everything.

Among others, Onesimus also announced his collabo with Janta titled Ex Lover and shared a snippet of the same. He has done quite a good job teasing his followers who cant wait for the butter to butter down their musical bread. And we also know the stories with Janta and Onesimus, what a combination by Ex Husbands.

“Just a word of advice. You can release your songs now before African Butter does. Whatever you do with this information is up to you,” posted Hiker Yangairo Yangairo who hikes with a very expensive shoe.
We can all agree that we cant wait for Onesimus to drop his album in September. What are your thoughts?
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6 thoughts on “Fans left hungry for Onesimus’ highly anticipated album, African Butter

  1. Bernard PM Kawonga

    The guy is great, we can’t wait for his album. He really meant it when he said atulusiletu.

  2. Richard KB Banda

    Album iyi wakunga amwene. This summer will be 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Hillary Ngwira

    He is super talented. Export quality.

  4. Che Mangochi

    African Butter luso lake silokakamiza

  5. kondwani phiri

    african butter ndi fire

  6. Abdallahkamoto

    I can’t wait as well ….
    Already these tik tok clip drivers me crazy 🤪

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