Appreciating Organized Family and their love for Malawian arts and culture

In all fairness, the Organized Family group does not need an introduction to most people who have followed and enjoyed Zambian music from early 2000s.

However, for the sake of those who were still babies around 2010 when the group came to limelight, here is to one of Zambia’s most successful boy groups that made a large mark on the music scene in Southern Africa.

Organized Family came with bangers such as Facebook, Munsomba, Koka Kola, Picture, Kawalala, Marcopolo, Bopeni, Pata Pata, Lonely and many more hits which enjoyed airplay in Zambia, Malawi and other surrounding countries including having regular plays on South Africa’s Channel O. They have been a marvel made up of great vocals and lyrical genius.

A lot has changed since then, but the group has continued to remain relevant and enjoy massive support from across borders. There love for fans and other people’s talents beyond borders is mesmerizing and an indication that art sees no boundaries.

I met some of the group members in 2016 while on their tour in South Africa. We had a chart for sometime as I waited for my ride back home, but their love and knowledge for Malawi left me mouth agape. They explained certain events about Malawi that I had little or no knowledge on. I loved them more.

We never met again after that time, but I have continued to follow them through social media and enjoy their musical exploits, but what I continue to love so much from them is their love for Malawi. I even remember at some point they composed a song titled “Malawi” in which they talked good about Malawi and stood with her.

We have also seen how they have joined Malawi to support the national team, appreciate fellow musicians from Malawi and even stand with Malawi in times of political need.

If we had to choose goodwill ambassadors for Malawi in Zambia, Organized Family would be the name on the lips for most Malawians.

Malawi and Zambia share almost everything on arts, culture and history. It is always great to see celebrities embrace this oneness and pave the way for others to tap into their own fanbase.

Organized Family has been that artistic bridge between Malawi and Zambia and this post seeks to encourage them to continue doing so. They are fully appreciated and recognized by people like me who love and value what we can achieve when we stand and walk together irrespective of borders.

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