Wolf in a sheep’s skin

Thoughts of the king’s palace entertained his wandering mind as he ate his humble pie

He wondered what sort of ill magic the throne held that it turned kind hearted men into callous kings who saw their subjects as mere pawns in their chess game of greed and power. He debated the kings position. Was it not to serve the people?

He chuckled as he cut another piece of pie absentmindedly. What brought this chuckle was the amusing memory of the king when he was just a citizen of limited powers. The pious air he projected. The promises he made. “I am a champion of the people’s rights”. He mimicked the king’s favourite phrase in a mocking tone
as he took a begrudged bite of the cold pie.

His mind wandered further as he drank bitter juice from his tin cup. He thought about his own dreams and ambitions. The promises the king made of a prosperous future and opportunities to earn for skilled men such as himself.

Was it the comfortable beddings, fine wine, and grandeur of the palace that made him forget his promises? Was it his being far removed from the suffering of the common people whose lodgings he had shared during his time in exile? Was it the absence of this company? Company that had inspired such eloquent and compelling speeches that commoners took up arms and lay siege upon the city, crowning him king upon victory.

Then it hit him. As sudden as the angel of death comes to collect the souls of men in the night while they sleep peacefully. For the first time he saw the king for the man he truly was. A wolf in sheep’s skin. A man who cares only for himself. A man who cares only for his own personal achievements and praises afforded him. A man drunk with power and almost suffering from a narcissistic disorder. A man who sees no value in the lives of other human beings unless directly beneficial to himself.

He sat there frozen stiff, not chewing anymore. Shocked by his sudden realization. The throne had not changed the king. It had revealed him. All this time he was merely pretending to be a man of noble standing and worthy of such a high and privileged position.

The feeling of betrayal numbed him. If such a man is only for himself, why must I be for him?

At this point he came out of his trancelike state as suddenly as he had gone into it and realized that his wandering mind had detained him past his designated time of resuming work.

He picked up his tools of trade and rushed off into what he hoped one day would bear fruit, leaving his rebellious thoughts to linger.

Articled by: MICHAEL KAUKA

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  1. Bernard PM Kawonga

    That’s what many leaders of today are, they are religious not Christ like.

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