Driemo’s Compensation A Recipe For Love?

A Review for Compensation

Lover Boy is back making waves with another darling tune dubbed Compensation. This time, the young and talented Driemo has dived in the pool of love and is happily swimming with the romance that comes with the magical four letter word.

In this song, Driemo submits his love to the special crystal of his heart, with his chocolate Sweet voice matching every beat of this song he tells her queen that he will do everything just to ensure that the end will live to the famous saying, “living happily ever after,” the golden vows of I do.

Right from the first verse Driemo, Dr Love so I call call him, the darling of our girls did the magical to get his audience stuck on the song without missing a word.

KaKalanda boy expresses his wish from his lucky lady, the golden boy wants what every man’s wish from a girl that’s “Total Submission”.

Oh Mtima uwupeleke/ kwaine ine ndiutenge/ don’t worry about safety/ ndizachengetera chengetera.

Last verse carries the 5 stars of the first verse as Driemo continues to melt his audience’s hearts with classy love lyrics that will even cement a lot of relationships (I prophesy with my pen).

I want be your soldier
Your fighter
I just wana be your friend for life

On hook the promising music star, is giving his life as a Collateral of a love agreement that if he dares to break the ladies’ heart he will give his life as a “Compensation”. wow that’s sounds strong, the character Driemo presented in this song is every lady’s dream guy.

This song really contains the ingredients of love word by word out into practice it’s a perfect recipe for Love. “Eeeeh! Vama Lavu you can Die!”


Reviewed By: Chifundo Zingunde

2 thoughts on “Driemo’s Compensation A Recipe For Love?

  1. Bernard PM Kawonga

    The guy is doing great, hats off

  2. Che Mangochi

    I just love his composition skills …the boy can write

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