In Honest Ways : A reminder of why you must do what you have to do

If a person has pride, I’d rather let them choke on their pride. Relief is on the account of the selfless for it is them who meaningfully change the world. This book is for the selfless soul that is having a transmittable idea for achievement. It’s about the person who infinitely aspires yet struggling to achieve a dream. The book “In Honest Ways,” is a compilation of self-help, a reminder of why you need to do what you were given internally for the glory of the world and the people in it. It is about maximizing your beauty, your talent, your emotions and your intelligence to elevate yourself to the next level. This book is for the survivor that needs to work through life. It’s for the stressed and depressed that needs to be understood and helped. Most importantly, it’s for you to change your perspective about life.


Kindle, Paperback

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MFH Publishers







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