For Even in Death

FOR EVEN IN DEATH is a novel about a female soldier, special sergeant Musi Tsai. She is under a private organization that works hand in hand with biohazard security under the country's health and national  security. Her commanding officer is a man known as Dr. Tsokalalimba, who has a PhD in Mythology and Occultism that was largely impinged from the beliefs of his father. He has a past of success having founded a company that creates clean energy from a rare earth metal called Neodymium, which he mined from his inherited land. It uses large wind vanes to create electricity for a third of the Malawian population. Sadly, he lost the company and the land. The outcome influenced him to hate the new owners of the company, fueling him to plot evil.



To buy this book, use National Bank Account 1008206194. Other options are Airtel Money +265993943961 and TNM Mpamba +265882666245. Proof of payment should be sent to the same number and you will receive an electronic receipt plus give your details for delivery.

Well wishers and sponsors for a book launch are very welcome. This book is being translated to Kiswahili, French and Portuguese. The book will also be on Digital platforms soon. Thank you so much for your support.

Kelvin Mateyu.



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9798839966048 ISBN





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